Fe stain on BM


I would like to know if other labs are doing iron stains on the clot and core
of bone marrow biopsies.

We normally do a Prussian blue iron stain on the clot, core, and 1 smear. 
Today one our pathologist said they read that this stain actually does not
stain iron in bone cores and clots. Our control is liver and processed in the
same manner as the clot, and the only difference with the core is the 10-15
minute decal we do just prior to cutting (after processing and embedding).
Are we in fact getting false negatives?
Should I be doing a different stain for iron in bone core biopsies?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
P.S.  I have seen positive staining in some cores here, but the pathologist
claimed that was erroneous staining!

Cindy DuBois, HT
Delta Pathology Assoc.
Stockton, CA

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