Excess stains and dyes

From:Barbara Stancel

I have searched the HISTONET Archives. But I can't seem to select the right 
words to pull up the old messages about excess stains and dyes.

We have a sister-lab that closed their pathology lab, so they have excess 
stains and dyes. I have already made my picks. They are planning to LabPack 
to some hazardous waste site. I remember some discussion about labs or 
companies that would take and reuse these. I would like to have these names 
and numbers to offer them as an alternative to sending stains and dyes to a 
hazardous landfill somewhere.

Please call, e-mail, or fax as soon as possible.

Histologically yours,

Barbara H. Stancel, HTL(ASCP)HT
USDA, FSIS, OPHS, Eastern Laboratory, Pathology
RRC, 950 College Station Road
Athens, Georgia  30604
phone: (706) 546-3556
fax: (706) 546-3589

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