Excess dyes


Anatech Ltd. maintains an extraordinary collection of 600+ dyes that 
is available to researchers and others in the US needing small 
quantities.  Many of these dyes are no longer available commercially. 
As they were donated to us, so we in turn make them available to 
others at no charge provided their use is non-commercial.  We also 
serve commercial users, but for them a nominal charge is assessed. 
Over the last few years we have fulfilled dozens of requests, and we 
always appreciate the feedback we get when the dyes ae used.

If you have excess dyes, please send me a list with names (as they 
appear on the label), CI number (if present) and quantity.  A 
guestimate of their age would also be helpful, and any historical 
notes would be especially appreciated.

Old dyes are a valuable resource in many ways other than financial. 
It is our hope that excess dyes will not be thrown away, because many 
of them will never be made again.


Richard W. Dapson, Ph.D.
Anatech Ltd.
Battle Creek, MI
800-ANATECH (800-262-8324)
Web address:  anatechltdusa.com  

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