From:Paula Wilder

Good Morning Histonet!

We are having our CAP inspection in two weeks. Of course, going over the 
checklist I "noticed" a lot of questions.  I would very much appreciate any 
and all comments about the following:
           Do you take all the paraffin pot temperatures on the tissue 
           Do you label all the containers on the automatic stainer and with 
what information?
           Do you have chemical education and/or protocols and policies 
written for each chemical?
           For QC - We process 19,500 cases a year.  Do you match all the 
slides with the blocks.  If not, approximately what percentage do you match 
Thank you so very much.  This will be my very first inspection as supervisor 
and I am getting so nervous!  Thanks for all of your help!
Paula Wilder
St. Joseph Medical Center
Towson, MD. 21204

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