Region III Meeting Program

From:"LaFriniere, Mike"

Below is the Region III program. Please feel free to copy and give to
associate's or anyone interested in coming to Region III meeting in
Chattanooga TN. This version my be used in place of the program being sent
the week of Jan 21st  via the US Postal Service. 

Thursday March 21, 2002

12 noon-6pm		Vendor set up
3pm-8pm			Early Registration and reception in Vendor area

Friday March 22, 2002

Registration		7:00-8:30 am

(All workshops are CEU approved with the exception of Internet Travel
awaiting approval)

Workshop #1						8:30am- 12 noon

The Magic of the Gross Room
Jennifer Hofecker HT(ASCP) Paul Billings, BS, HT

The Magic of the Gross Room: A Round Table Discussion

Gross specimen description and dissection is an expanding role for
histotechnologists.  This workshop will deal with the description and
dissection of numerous specimens that Histologist's encounter.  Other
aspects of the gross room (such as processing times, fixatives, etc.) will
also be discussed.  Then comes the MAGIC...  Discussion will be opened up to
all attendees to share their advice, hints, and secrets to successful gross
room techniques. In addition, frozen section techniques will be addressed.
Infection control and proper specimen handling for potentially infectious
cases will be presented.  We will also try to help establish what role our
gross room activities play in the clinical care of patients.  This workshop
will benefit those just beginning in the gross room as well as provide an
opportunity for veterans to share their procedures and experiences.	

Workshop #2						8:30 - 12 noon

Travel Bargins on the Internet
Roderick M. Green, BS, HT/HTL (ASCP)
Sarcom Enterprise Education, Columbus Ohio

In this workshop we will cruise the Internet and find various travel
bargains that are available. Internet sites that have bargain airfares,
hotel and car rental rates will be shared. Also we will go over some other
little tips and tricks on finding bargains for your personal travel needs
and what to avoid. At the conclusion of this session, all attendees will be
aware of travel policies, bargain sites, and have the knowledge of how to
stretch their budget dollars for the upcoming excursions.
Workshop #3						1 pm - 4:30 pm

Microwave Fixation Techniques for Histopathology
Steven E. Slap, Microwave Specialist
Hacker Instruments

The theory of microwave  use in histopathology will be developed.  The
relationship behind microwave heating and chemical fixation will be
explained.  Different techniques will be explored in detail, including
microwave post-fixation, microwave fixation and subsequent microwave
histoprocessing of small specimens, microwave stabilization and other
alternatives to formalin fixation, and microwave fixation of whole organs
(pre-fixation).  Safety issues will be covered

Workshop #4						1 pm- 4:30 pm 
Antibody Fingerprints
L.E. Harkins, MS, IHC
Veterans Administration, Birmingham, AL

This workshop will present in detail step by step technique of DNA
extraction from formalin fixed paraffin embeded sections previously assigned
for immunohistochemistry and DNA/MRNA Insitu-hybridnization. DNA sequence as
a method of confirming antibody reactivity and localization will be

Friday 4:30pm:Region III Business meeting
With hors d'oeuvres and wine. 

                         Meeting Coordinating Staff

Region III/Tennessee Meeting Co-ordinator	...Michael LaFriniere
					    TSH President

Funds					    Gale Pardue
					    TSH Treasurer 

Registration			    Wendy Hilgendorf
					    Dave Tomlin
					    Ruby Henry

Mail Distribution			    Rhonda Schalk

Region III Director 		    Mequita Praet

Saturday March 23, 2002

Workshop #5						8:30-12 noon

An Environmentally Friendly Lab: Simple Steps to Save Money, Time and the
Roderick M. Green, BS, HT/HTL (ASCP)
Sarcom Enterprise Education, Columbus, Ohio

The future of histology means automation, recycling, time management,
well-chosen equipment, chemical reagent management, procedures, computers
and educated and informed technologists. All of these factors can be managed
and will help our laboratories to be more cost effective, putting safety
precautions on the front line and simultaneously bring us into the next
century. In this workshop we will discuss methods to make your lab a better
to place to work. We will share working procedures for processing with
alternative reagents, methods of using less special staining reagents, and
some accelerated and automated methods to fix and stain tissue. This group
exchange forum will also discuss some methods to cut cost, such as recycling
reagents, buying kits versus making the reagent, and using various types of
dehydrants and clearing agents. Upon completion of this session you will be
able to take your handout and the information from everyone that attends
this workshop back to your lab and make it a safer and more cost effective

Workshop #6						8:30- 12 noon
Paul Ardi, Cell Marque

This lecture covers the underlying science of immunohistochemistry and its
five key applications. The various methods of antigen unmasking will be
discussed and there will be a review of the fundamentals of quality control
including the use of multi-tissue controls. The lecture will conclude with a
systematic approach to troubleshooting

Workshop #7						1-4:30 pm

Microtomy:  The Melding of Art and Science
Jan Minshew, President
Histology Consulting Services, Inc.

This workshop is presented in an attempt to bring about a better
understanding of microtomy and the enormous number of factors that can have
a direct impact on sectioning quality.  Although the emphasis of this
workshop is on routine paraffin sectioning, the theory is easily adaptable
to plastic embedding and industrial specimens.  

The lecture emphasizes the importance of proper specimen handling prior to
attempting microtomy, explains the performance enhancement capabilities of
various microtome styles, and provides facts about selection and use of
disposable blades and/or steel knives.  The value of instrument settings,
cleanliness and preventative maintenance will be highlighted.  Proper
microtomy techniques will be discussed in an effort to enhance ergonomics
and improve sectioning quality.  The lecture will conclude with tips for
recognizing, understanding and eliminating artifacts.  Following the lecture
the participants will have the opportunity to have a hands-on evaluation of
various microtomes and accessories.  

Workshop #8						1-4:30 pm


Robert L. Lott, HTL (ASCP)
Past Chairman, Histotechnology Exam Committee
Birmingham, AL

This workshop is designed to give the registry eligible candidate an
overview of the ASCP Histologic Technician (HT) registry exam process and
will provide a comprehensive review of the subject matter useful for both
the written and practical exams.  A study outline, which uses subject matter
criteria published by the Board of Registry, as well as study hints will be
shared.  Suggestions for proper preparation of practical material will be
given, with an overview of what the ASCP expects.  The majority of the
workshop, however, will deal with organizing study material and preparation
for the Computer Adaptive Testing (CAT) element of the exam. This workshop
is designed to be most helpful to the student in an OJT (On the Job
Training) setting or in a self-study situation.  It is sponsored by NSH in
response to the 2005 elimination of route one (1).

Hotel arrangements:

-Clarion Hotel Downtown Chattanooga, Reservations 423-756-5150
-The Region III special rate is $72.00 per night with 12.5% tax, 
  (must mention Tennessee/Region III Histotechnology meeting).

Lunch buffet Friday will be available to Region III for $10.00 per person
though the hotel restaurant.

*****Lunch at Altruda's Saturday (a short walk from the hotel) is free (for
the first 115 registered attendees), please be sure to submit your enclosed
lunch selection with your registration. This restaurant can only accommodate
115 people, first 115 registered will receive this excellent bonus lunch.

The Clarion Hotel is very close and within walking distance or short taxi
ride to several attractions:Aquarium, Trade Center, River Walk, Bluff View
District, Bijou Theater, Several Museums, and an array of fine dining.



-Sponsored by TSH and Region III
-Saturday, Noon


LASAGNA- A casserole filled with ground beef, Italian cheeses, topped with
our slow-simmered meat sauce and mozzarella cheese; baked to perfection.

RAVIOLI- Ricotta cheese filled ravioli, topped with our slow-simmered meat
sauce and mozzarella cheese; Baked to perfection.

ZITI AL FORNO- A delicious baked casserole filled with diced meatballs,
Italian sausage, ricotta cheese, and our slow-simmered meat sauce and topped
with mozzarella cheese.

EGGPLANT NICOLE- A casserole filled with breaded eggplant, ricotta cheese,
and our own Italian cream sauce; baked with our slow-simmered meat sauce and
mozzarella cheese.

CANNOLIONI- Three delicious pasta crepes filled with ricotta cheese, in an
Italian cream sauce, topped with mushrooms, mozzarella cheese and baked.

LINGUINE- A hearty serving of linguine with your choice of red or white clam

MANICOTTI- Three delicious pasta crepes filled with ricotta cheese backed in
our slow-simmered sauce and topped with mozzarella cheese.

SPAGHETTI- A hearty portion of spaghetti with your choice of Italian
sausage, meatballs, ricotta cheese, sautéed mushrooms or a combination of

POLLO AMANDA- A baked chicken breast marinated in our own Italian dressing
and served with a hearty portion of spaghetti.

****Please mark or circle your selection and you must submit with your
registration form***





Home phone_______________Work________________


Member NSH   Yes_______	No_________

Member of State Society   Yes_______No_________ 

State of Membership___________________________

FEES for NSH or Any State Members in Region III
Each Workshop		 	$35.00
Registration 	   		$20.00
(includes Sat lunch for first 115 registered)
FEES for non Memberships
Each Workshop			$45.00
Registration			$25.00

Circle selected workshops
			   		(morning)   (afternoon)
Friday 			March 22	#1 	#2	#3	#4

Saturday		March 23	#5	#6	#7	#8

Late Fee after March 4, 2002		$20.00

TSH Membership if desired		$15.00

Total Due     __________
$25 non-refundable deposit required with registration

Make Checks payable to TSH and mail to:
Michael LaFriniere
717 Mississippi Ave
Chattanooga TN 37405
Addition information needed? mike_lafriniere  
Phone:	423-495-6117	
Fax:	423-495-5860

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