Re: trypsin recipe


The calcium chloride is usually the buffer used to make up the Trypsin in,
you still need to know what concentration of Trypsin was used.  You need
more information here.

Martha Ward wrote:

> Martha Ward writes:
> I have been trying to get an antibody worked up and came upon an article
> that described the procedure.  They mention the necessity of using
> "trpysin digestion (porcine trypsin, Type II, Sigma ) in calcium
> chloride (4g/100mL) for 10-30 minutes at 37 C at pH 7.8.  I am
> confused:  Do they mean 4g of the trypsin or 4g calcium chloride?  Maybe
> I am having a bad day but if anyone can help me decipher this or give me
> recipe that they are currently using I would greatly appreciate it.
> Thanks in advance for your help!

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