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Sorry Patty, to further add to my previous email:
1. Fast, great for urgent processes
2. IPX on renals consistent - becauses fixation and
processing consistent.
3. Flush cycles not required.
1. More manual work involved - not fully automated
like most processors
2. Can reuse solutions but we never use more than 5
3. Results better than old urgent processing methods
and close to that obtained using routine overnight
processing (mainly longer fixation)
4. We only use it for small bx, renal and liver cores
and urgent specimens.

 --- Patty Kubier  wrote: > 
> Hello All,
>     I appologize if this is a duplicate message.  I
> would appreciate 
> feedback from laboratories that are currently using
> microwave processing for 
> tissue specimens.  I am interested in knowing
> protocols, reagents, times and 
> temperatures as well as the type of specimens that
> you process.  What is 
> your experience regarding the pros and cons? Do you
> see that the microwave 
> processor is comparable to the standard enclosed
> automatic tissue 
> processors?  Thanks in advance for all your help. 
> Patty
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