Re: laboratory safety issues


over the years many of us have had to serve as Safety Officer as part of our
jobs.  things are becoming more complicated now and ASCP even has an exam
for certifing/qualifing Safety people, so i expect that our old ways will
have to change and that histotechs will no longer be able to volunteer for
these extensive extra duties as we did in the past and just Safety will have
to be someone's job.

Maria Mejia wrote:

> Hello Everyone!
> I need some advise and assistance regarding laboratory safety issues and
> including
> the role of the Safety Officer. I'm a neurohistologist that works 75%.
> For several
> months, I've been working on a detail chemical hygiene plan for our
> institute in
> addition to my histology work. I even started a library of various
> safety books and
> safety videotapes for everyone to use at the institute. In addition to
> my histology
> duties (which currently dip and peak depending on the research project &
> PI), I've
> also been assigned the safety duties for the institute, that includes
> providing safety
> training sessions for EVERYONE at the institute.
> I was told by administration that all this is all part of my job as a
> histologist. I say it's
> above and beyond and my salary should be adjusted to reflect this. Am I
> wrong?
> Please any assistance or suggestions you can provide will be greatly
> appreciated.
> Now, I've gone through all my safety literature and no one talks about
> salary for the
> Safety Officer they only list and it's a long list of duties.
> regards
> Maria Mejia
> Smith-Kettlewell Eye Res. Inst
> S.F.CA

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