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From:Amos Brooks

    I know this has been discussed at length before but I really hate the
idea of specimens being left out for any length of time for any reason. I
would be much more content teaching OR personnel to be CAREFUL and to use
secondary containers, than to deal with autolysis. Especially if there ever
is a time that there is a surgery and the lab is closed up.
    Spills can be prevented but, without formalin, autolysis cannot.
my $0.02
Amos Brooks

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> Jill,
>  At one time, the O.R. purchased their own formalin but there were
incidents of formalin spills by staff . Our Environmental Health and Safety
department felt the formalin should "reside" in Pathology. We currently have
our frozen section room right in the O.R. so the rooms bring the specimens
in fresh and we put the formalin in the containers ourselves.
> Vicki Gauch
> Albany Medical Center
> Albany, NY

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