Re: egg albumin/nail adhesion to glass slides

From:Amos Brooks

    I wouldn't use egg albumin. There are plenty of cost effective, commercially available charged and coated slides. You'll probably spend more on the slides by buying the plain ones and then paying a tech to coat them. There is always a chance of error too.
    If the coat isn't even or there is too much on the slide, the albumin will show up when you stain the slide. It is really easy to get egg parts in the preparation which would make an interesting contaminant. Contact Fisher CMS or Shandon.
good luck,
Amos Brooks
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Sent: Wednesday, January 16, 2002 10:24 PM
Subject: egg albumin/nail adhesion to glass slides

Please help me with the following two questions that my teacher posed to us:

1.  How to prepare egg albumin. An end product that will smear on to the glass slide for tissue adhesion.

2.  How to successfully keep nail samples adhere to the glass slide during staining. Are there alternative methods other than the product above?

I would greatly appreciate the help with these questions.

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