Re: Wrinkles in sections

From:Teresa Flores

Tim, I use chloroform vapors while sections are on the diamond knife  well.
I insert a stainless steele rod(previously with a hair on the tip) inside
the chloroform bottle and wave it ontop of the sections. Be sure to have
your orientation of how you will be picking up your sections before waving
the magic wand. Teresa
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>I have wrinkles in my sections that are already on grids. The sections
>didn't appear to have wrinkles when I collected them.
>Will chloroform work on wrinkles after the sections are on the grids?
>Is there another method?
>Tim Quinn
>University of Kansas
>Research Assistant
>Natural History Museum and Biodiversity Research Center
>Dyche Hall  Room 414
>Lawrence, KS 6604-2454

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