Re: Use of quick freeze spray during frozen sectioning

Peggy Wenk notes:

>>The reason pathologists/residents like to use [freezing sprays] is because 
they are in a hurry, and it takes 5 minutes to freeze tissue on the cryobar 
in the cryostat, if there is no "heat extractor" arm that can help to freeze 
it from the top down. - So if you have a piece of equipment that allows for 
fast freezing, so they can be sectioning sooner, they'll stop using the 
cryospray. - We use the Histobath... It electrically cools the isopentane... 
Our pathologists like it a lot, and the cryogenic spray has [almost] 
disappeared from the frozen section rooms...<<

One thing I don't understand here: isopentane (2-methylbutane) is a frightful 
fire and explosion hazard. How can you use it in a surgical suite?

Bob Richmond 
Samurai Pathologist
Knoxville TN

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