Re: Room Temperatures

From:Mike & Sue Becker

Hello Histonetters:

Just wanted to let everyone know the temperature problem in the lab I work
in has been solved.  All my whining, carping and complaining payed off big
time.  The doctor had a return flow vent put in which draws air out of the
lab and surround ing areas and recirculates it. The room temps are 73, 74
and even 75 or higher in the room but the air is moving so much better that
it feels great.  This is the first time since I have working in this setting
when I can say the lab environment is just right for me.  The air always
stayed in the lab area and didn't move around enough even before we
renovated.  The lab was in between other rooms and smaller.

I noticed an immediate difference after this vent was put in.  Lucky for my
boss there was no charge!  The landlord approved it and let us have it for
free!  I have been so appreciative since then.  I never thought this problem
would be solved!

Thanks for any input from all of you.

Just call me comfortable and cool in Albany. NY

Sue Becker HTL (ASCP)
Private Mohs practice
Albany, NY 12203

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