Re: Room Temperatures

From:Mike & Sue Becker

Hello to All,

Just a follow up on the problem I was having with a too hot laboratory.  The
day after I posted my inquiry we had no heat in the building upon arriving
to work.  It was so cold I was wearing a fleece jacket, hat and gloves.  The
motor that blows the heat was broke. The next day it was fixed.  By mid
morning  of the day with noheat the lab was a pleasant 65 degrees F.  I felt
fine-just had to wear a long sleeved shirt under the scrubs.  How ironic
after all the temp problems.  To stay open the doctor bought 6 or 7 space
heaters quickly and we were fine.  It is still 75 to 80 in the lab but soon
to change.  We are looking into a return flow ventilation unit and it was
approved by the landlord already and will be installed within the week.  I
am so pleased.  This will pull air from the room and surrounding areas up
through the celing and out.  I think that may solve the problem.  I know my
boss is tired of my complaining but after all the squeaky wheel gets the
grease-it just took a few months to get oiled!!  I think a little foresight
on his part and a better lab design could have avoided this whole problem.

Thanks again for all the suggestions.  A word to the wise anyone planning on
renovating or building a laboratory area beware of things like room
temperatures with equipment that generates heat and/or needs ventilation.
Cryostats have a built in compressor which can heat a small room by
itself-two of them in one small area and goodbye heating bills-you'd have
your own little furnace going!

Sue Becker HTL (ASCP)
Private Mohs Practice
Albany, NY 12203

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