Re: Rapid stain for pneumocystis carinii


I have a rapid stain for Fungus and Pneumocystis Carini that we did at
University of Chicago Hospitals.  Send me you fax number and I will send it
to you.

Cathy Locallo B.A. HTL(ASCP),HT(ASCP)
Director Technical Assistance Center
Leica Microsystems

Kathy Hill-Epperson  on 01/16/2002 02:49:18 PM


Subject:  Rapid stain for pneumocystis carinii

Does anyone have a rapid stain procedure for
pneumocystis carinii?  We are looking for a STAT
procedure that could be done after hours or on
weekends (possibly performed by the pathologists)
for bronchial cytology specimens for the rapid diagnosis
of pneumocystis carinii.  Any help would be much
appreciated.  Thank you.

Kathy Hill-Epperson, HT
Pathologists Assistant
John C. Lincoln Hospital - North Mountain
Phoenix, AZ

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