Re: Rapid stain for pneumocystis carinii

From:Andrew Kennedy

Hi Kathy,

A colleague of mine published his version of a rapid Gomori's Methenamine
silver nitrate method using the microwave some years ago - we used it with
some success in Cytology for several years, but haven't used it for some
time now as Microbiology does some sort of immunofluorescent test (I
think!?) that is more sensitive.

It was published in Acta Cytologica, Vol 33, No.3, pp416-417.

I always found the microwave method quite tricky, as only a few seconds over
could mean a horrible mirror like finish on the whole slide and overstained
tissue that was nearly all black.....

Andrew Kennedy

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From: Kathy Hill-Epperson 
Date: Thursday, 17 January 2002 08:31
Subject: Rapid stain for pneumocystis carinii

Does anyone have a rapid stain procedure for
pneumocystis carinii?  We are looking for a STAT
procedure that could be done after hours or on
weekends (possibly performed by the pathologists)
for bronchial cytology specimens for the rapid diagnosis
of pneumocystis carinii.  Any help would be much
appreciated.  Thank you.

Kathy Hill-Epperson, HT
Pathologists Assistant
John C. Lincoln Hospital - North Mountain
Phoenix, AZ

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