Re: Process of tissue with CJD

From:Richard Cartun

You may want to contact the "National Prion Disease Pathology Surveillance Center" in Cleveland, OH.  Their telephone number is (216) 368-0587; their website is: 

R. Cartun

>>> Rita Riddle  01/16/02 10:59AM >>>
Need your help,
Does anyone know if any special handling of formalin-fixed brain tissue and
paraffin blocks obtained from patients with  Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease is
required by any known standard?  I've read that formalin actually enhances
prion infectivity and that a formalin-formic acid procedure is required for
inactivation of such tissue samples.  Can such tissues be disposed of in the
usual manner?  Thanks

Rita Riddle
Lexington Medical Center
West Columbia, SC
Supervisor of Histo/Surgical Pathology

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