Re: Onion root tissue stains

From:Barry Rittman

Onion root tip nuclei show well with Feulgen's technique or with Heidenhain's iron
hematoxylin. I am assuming that the dead areas will show negligible staining with either
of these techniques.

Sarah Ann Hunger wrote:

> Hello
> I am looking for a staining technique to differentiate between living and dead root
> tissue (preferably highlighting the dead tissue) in onion seedlings infected with
> Sclerotium cepivorum. I have dabbled with neutral red (Jensens stain), Phloroglucinol,
> and Fluoroscien diactetate without great success. Does anybody have any other stains
> and staining techniques (or improvements on the techniques I am currrently trying)
> they can suggest? The end purpose of this staining procedure is to improve the
> resolution between living and dead tissue for digital image analysis. Thank you in
> advance for your help.
> Kind regards
> Sarah
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