Re: Let's Unionize!

From:Linda Stirpe

--- Cheryl Powell  wrote:
> Okay, the subject was to get your attention, but I
> have question regarding 
> rumors I had heard a few years ago regarding
> unionizing labs and other 
> medical personal.  Does anyone know where that went?
>  Was is squashed and by 
> who and why?  Just frustrated with disrespect and
> poor treatment and I 
> remember that was being debated awhile ago....
> Cheryl Powell, BS, HTL
> Hi,  
Our hospital has been unionized for some time now
(Local 1199 SEIU).  It does have its good points but
lately I feel there are more bad points.  The only
ones that seem to be important are the nurses.  They
say a hospital cannot run without them.  True to a
point -  but, let them try running it without lab
personnel, housekeeping, dietary, etc.  - you get the
idea.   Just my 2 cents worth. 

Linda Stirpe
Corning Hospital
Corning, NY
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