Re: Keepin GMA brains on slides

From:Karen Pawlowski


The guy cutting JB-4 sections in our lab came up with tilting the 
warmer that the slides are dried on so that water doesn't get trapped
underneith them as they dry.  You could also try that if you weren't 
already doing it.

Karen Pawlowski

rueggp wrote:
> Nancy,
> Some of the lifting of the GMA section is from the alcohol you use after the
> eosin staining, I assume you are using alcoholic eosin.  Ethyl alcohol
> especially is hard on GMA.  The alcohol with water in it (95%) should be used
> very sparingly and quickly.  I suggest you try methanol or isopropyl instead of
> ethyl.  Another option is to rinse the eosin quickly in 95% and then airdry
> before coverslipping.
> I have had good luck using slides that have been previously coated in 5% glue
> (elmers type glue), I mix the glue with deionized water, dip the slides in it
> and stand them up to airdry.  I then use these slides to pick up the section
> from the water bath and dry them flat on a 70 dC hot plate for about 10 min.
> Patsy Ruegg
> Nancy Maronto wrote:
> > Hi,
> > I have JB-4 embedded brain sections that I am cutting at 4 microns that I
> > need to find a slide that these sections will stay on. It looks like they
> > are nice and flat on the slide,but when stained with H&E the tissue traps
> > eosin under the section and cannot be cleared away. We have tried, charged,
> > Poly-L, and silane slides. Polysciences has been helping me with suggestions
> > and I thought I would also ask the experts out there.
> >
> > Thanks,
> > Nancy Maronto
> >
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