Re: Keepin GMA brains on slides



Some of the lifting of the GMA section is from the alcohol you use after the
eosin staining, I assume you are using alcoholic eosin.  Ethyl alcohol
especially is hard on GMA.  The alcohol with water in it (95%) should be used
very sparingly and quickly.  I suggest you try methanol or isopropyl instead of
ethyl.  Another option is to rinse the eosin quickly in 95% and then airdry
before coverslipping.

I have had good luck using slides that have been previously coated in 5% glue
(elmers type glue), I mix the glue with deionized water, dip the slides in it
and stand them up to airdry.  I then use these slides to pick up the section
from the water bath and dry them flat on a 70 dC hot plate for about 10 min.

Patsy Ruegg

Nancy Maronto wrote:

> Hi,
> I have JB-4 embedded brain sections that I am cutting at 4 microns that I
> need to find a slide that these sections will stay on. It looks like they
> are nice and flat on the slide,but when stained with H&E the tissue traps
> eosin under the section and cannot be cleared away. We have tried, charged,
> Poly-L, and silane slides. Polysciences has been helping me with suggestions
> and I thought I would also ask the experts out there.
> Thanks,
> Nancy Maronto
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