Re: Histology dyes and foodstuffs

From:Laurie Reilly

Dear All,
We have stained sections with Mulberry juice using Aluminiun Ammonium 
Sulphate as a mordant.It stained nucleii blue-black. I have just dug out 
those sections (Oct 1978) and looked at them, and they are still fine. Some 
have faded but the chromatin pattern is still discernable.
Homebrew histology is fun.

                 Regards,    Laurie.

At 12:52 PM 01/21/02 +0000, Allan Betts wrote:
>Can anyone help me with this project question.
>The use of foodstuffs/juices (i.e beetroot, carrot) as a histological dye.
>Are there any papers/articles.
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