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From:Ellen Clausen-Simon

We use a microwave procedure using Periodic acid as the oxidizer. We also use Prefer as our fixative. This procedure works really well for pneumocystis on our Cytology blocks too.

Deparaffinize and hydrate to DH20
Place in 0.5% Periodic Acid for 20 min.
Rinse well in running tap water, followed by Deionized water
Microwave 45 ml dilute Ammoniacal silver Nitrate soln. for 30 sec. without slides
Place slides in heated soln, and microwave for 30 more sec.
Remove from microwave and sit for ~ 1 min
Rinse in DH20
Tone in Gold Chloride for 30 sec
rinse well in DI
Place in 2% Sodium Thiosulfate for 1 min
Rinse in DI
Counterstain in Light green for 5 min

Ammoniacal Silver Nitrate Soln= 10% silverNitrate-10ml
4%Lithium Hydroxide-5 ml
Mix these two soln, then add concentrated ammonium hydroxide drop by drop with constant agitation until precipitate dissolves. Make up to 1000 ml
with DI.

I would be happy to fax a copy of this if needed  

>>> Noreen Gilman  01/14/02 10:52AM >>>
Once again I find myself asking for special stain help from my fellow histonetters. This concerns the GMS stain. One of my techs tells me that a friend of hers from another hospital is using Periodic Acid instead of Chromic acid, and that there is a written procedure for it. I must admit that I have been out of the technical area for several years, and I had never heard of this. They are going to fax me a copy, but I thought I'd get some feedback from you guys first.

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