Re: Eosinophils and Mast cells.

From:Gayle Callis

Are you looking for mucosal mast cells or connective tissue mast cells?  If
you want to distinguish the two, you will need to do different staining
methods with different fixation methods.  

My favorite connective tissue mast cell stain is the Churukian Shenk
toluidine blue method from J Histotechnology back in early 80's. It gave no
background but wonderful, crisp staining for CTMC.  For mucosal, I did
Carnoys fixation, then an alcian blue (Enerbeck et al).   NBF fixed
tissues, with alcian blue for MMC was terrible.  

At 03:17 PM 1/18/02 +0000, you wrote:
>         Starting a small pilot project looking at eosinophil and mast cell
>distribution, so in the first instance I'll restrict myself to conventional
>techniques. Carbol chromotrope (Lendrum 1944) for the eosinophils, simple
>and very reliable. Mast cells, well, mmmm, so many choices but probably
>Methylene blue (Unna), Toluidine blue or Thionin (Cook 1961).
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