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We cut inflamed mouse skin at -20C, too cold and layers begin to separate.
If you fold the skin into a 'V' shape with the hair on the inside of the
'V", and then cut bottom of 'V' is the first to make contact with a very
sharp disposable blade.  we have little compression and good sections.  You
can try angling the small strip of skin so the knife doesn't pass over the
skin evenly, similar to angling orientation for tissues in paraffin blocks. 

We never use an antiroll device, brush technic here.  Sectioning speed is
slow, and if separation continues, warm the temperature to -16C, that may
also help. 

Good luck

At 11:07 AM 1/29/02 -0500, you wrote:
>  Hi,   I have been asked to freeze and section wounded mouse skin     Does
>anyone have suggestions for frozen sectioning of skin?  I appreciate any
>insight you may have Thanks April   
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