Re: Citadel tissue processor - fumes

From:Kimberly L Merriam

Sarka Lhotak wrote:

> Hello Netters,
>         I might be buying a Citadel 2000 tissue processor for our research
> lab. Do I need any special handling of fumes from this machine? How bad is
> it just sitting on a benchtop without any fume-handling arrangements?
>         Thanks for your help,
> Sarka Lhotak
> McMaster University
> Hamilton Cancer Centre
> Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

We had one of these until a few months ago (we recently upgraded to a VIP,
which we LOVE!).  We had Shandon's plastic "fume hood" around the machine and
it was vented outside, BUT.. the Shandon hood around it is only held together
by magnets, so there is not a very tight seal to keep the fumes in.  I did
not notice any fumes, but the non-histology people did (I think my nose no
longer notices such things!).

Kim Merriam
Cambridge, MA

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