Re: Antigen retrieval

From:Jennifer MacDonald

We used zinc formalin because it also enhanced the nuclear staining on our routine H&E staining.  We did a parallel study with formalin and with a zinc isopropyl formalin (Carson et al, JOH).  All of our tissues received a secondary fixation of the zinc isopropyl solution on the processor.  Many of our antibodies were enhanced, but we still needed to do antigen retrieval on some.  Will all of your tissues be fixed in zinc formalin?  Remember also that if you go back to tissues that were not fixed in the zinc formalin you may obtain different staining reactions
Have you tested all of your antibodies with and without antigen retrieval.  We found that some antigens or antibodies did not survive the extreme treatment of antigen retrieval.  Many of the antibody/antigen reactions were much more intense without the antigen retrieval. 
Jennifer MacDonald
I was wondering if it was necessary to use zinc formalin to enhance IHC staining and prevent cross-linking if you were doing antigen retrieval for every antibody.  Any comments???

Laurie Colbert

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