RE: text books + antibody

Garry Ashton  wrote:

>Dear All,
>I wonder if anybody out there knows of any good mouse histology and / or
>pathology text books.

and at the very end of the message -

>distribution, copying, or other use of this message, or any of its contents,
>by any person other than the intended recipient may constitute a breach of
>civil or criminal law and is strictly prohibited. If you are NOT the
>intended recipient please contact the sender and dispose of this e-mail as
>soon as possible.

I had read all the message before I knew I wasn't allowed to. You 
should put the warning at the beginning, then we'll know not to read
your e-mails. I have a mouse histology atlas but it's about 10 years
old. I would tell you the details, but don't want to get you in
truble with your boss for asking criminal prohibited questions. You
should delete this message before you read it.



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