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From:"Monson, Frederick C."

Morning All,

Try these most likely candidates.  URL:  

Please, always look for tools that are designed to take the beating.  These
are so new that I haven't had any experience with any, but they appear more
suitable for pumping out what are fluids and their vapors than most other
vacuum pumps.  And, they appear to be "small", even though small usually
describes capacity in these things.  

Good rule of thumb:  Small jobs usually require small tools.  Same thing
with vacuum pumps.  With vacuum pumps, I believe that a half-capacity pump
will do the job in twice the time and will wear out 3x to 4x faster from
both the burden and the contamination.  Also true is that a 2X capacity pump
will do the job in 1/2 the time.  A self-cleaning pump will pay for itself
in two years with less maintenance and down-time, IF the claims for these
pumps are TRUE!


Fred Monson(no stock in either knf or fisher, or kickbacks either)

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> From: 	P. Emry
> Sent: 	Tuesday, January 29, 2002 6:00 PM
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> Subject: 	small vacuum pump
> I need to set up a vac. pump inside an over-crowded hood for
> infiltrating specimens.
> 2 questions:
> Where can I buy the world's smallest vac. pump?
> What is the minimum vac. setting I would need to effectively infiltrate
> specimens of bone and soft tissue (in one piece) about 1cm x 3cm?
> Thanks,
> Trisha
> U of Washington, Seattle

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