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I was told by my Leica rep that they now have a cassette labeler.  I haven't seen it, but you might want to contact them for a demo as well.

I only have experience with Surgipath's cassette and slide labelers.  They worked fine for our institution (previous job).  We did have some problems with the numbers reading too lightly, but that was easily fixed by printing over it multiple times (can be programmed to do that).  My only complaint was having to load each cassette and each slide individually.

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Hello - We are seriously considering buying both a cassette labeler and 
slide labeler.  As far as I know, there areee 3 on the market - Thermo-
Shandon, TBS and Surgipath.  If any of you out there have experience with 
any of these, would you e-mail me.  We want to know the bad and the 
good.  We are favoring the Thermo-Shandon and TBS because of the chute 
method rather than putting in one at a time.  We have not yet been able 
to demo any of the 3.  Before we do these demos, however, we would like 
to know if we should even bother.  Thanks so much for your help.  Cheryl

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