RE: Use of quick freeze spray during frozen sectioning

From:"Horn, Hazel V"

We did the same thing..........We no longer use the quick freeze spray

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> Janice,
>  We stopped using the quick freeze spray several years ago when the
> question of aerosolization of frozen section cases that were TB
> positive,etc. arose .  There was a bit of moaning and groaning in the
> beginning but for the most part, it has all worked out fine and we have no
> problems with cutting the frozens since we started using the Histobath II
> to freeze the tissues.
> Vicki Gauch
> >>> Janice Alvarez  01/30/02 01:04PM >>>
> We are trying to eliminate the use of this product during FS and of
> course I'm getting a lot of opposition from the residents.  
> What are other labs doing?
> Thanks

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