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From:"Monson, Frederick C."

If the tissue has been only mildly overheated, one can soak the block
(floating 'face' down) in a 20% aqueous solution of glycerol.  There is no
guarantee that this is better than plain water, but there are instances in
my experience where this approach worked and plain water didn't.  Do not be
surprised when poorly infiltrated, hardened tissues appear to swell out of
the block.  Just discard the initial sections.  Sometimes, I have taken
sections, repeated the soak, and taken more sections, etc.  Let it be said
that if one continues to poorly process tissues that one may end up spending
a lifetime soaking.

One should also be aware of what I call the raisin conundrum.  If one
overprocesses a raisin and soaks the block to improve sectioning, one might
end up with sections of a grape.

This issue points up the importance of checking the operating temperatures
of processing fluids carefully to insure that 


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> From: 	Smith, Sherry A. (Histology)
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> Subject: 	Over Processed Tissue
> Dear Techs.,
> Can over processed tissue be salvaged???   If so, then does anyone have a
> procedure for soaking to revive tissue and reprocessing it afterwards??
> Any
> suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Sherry Smith 
> Presbyterian Hospital
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