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From:"Monson, Frederick C."

Hi Nancy,

	Are you using alcoholic eosin?  If so, change to aqueous, OR take
the advice of the OLD, originators of the method and only use acid-cleaned
slides to mount your sections.  I have a method that I used very
successfully for years, but now that my dichromate-stained fingers have
fallen off, I can't do THAT any more.  But, if YOU want to do it, I'll
gladly accept some of your extras.  
	An alternative is to execute a "bichemical" cleaning of the slides
you want to use.  To do this, I put my hands back on and clean the slides,
one at a time, in a hot solution of "Micro" (very basic!!!).  After several
warm tap water rinses, and several more distilled water rinses, the slides
are immersed in the acid alcohol (1% HCl in 95% ethanol) for quite some
time.  Then, with gloves on that accompanied the slides on the cleaning
routine, I retrieve the slides, one at a time, and set them in test tube
racks (same ones I use in my autoradiography darkroom to dry them after they
are coated with melted emulsion).   For any perfect adherence of section to
slide without adhesive, one must use REALLY clean slides.
	Of course, this is just MY way.  I never had a listserver to ask for
opinions when I figured these things out, and I never had production
deadlines to meet.  I'm learning that there are those who have figured
easier ways to do almost everything I 'used' to do.  So, I can only hope
that my suggestions are helpful.


Fred Monson

Frederick C. Monson, PhD
The best research
Center for Advanced Scientific Imaging
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West Chester University
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West Chester, Pennsylvania, USA, 19383

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> From: 	Nancy Maronto
> Sent: 	Thursday, January 24, 2002 11:20 AM
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> Subject: 	Keepin GMA brains on slides
> Hi,
> I have JB-4 embedded brain sections that I am cutting at 4 microns that I 
> need to find a slide that these sections will stay on. It looks like they 
> are nice and flat on the slide,but when stained with H&E the tissue traps 
> eosin under the section and cannot be cleared away. We have tried,
> charged, 
> Poly-L, and silane slides. Polysciences has been helping me with
> suggestions 
> and I thought I would also ask the experts out there.
> Thanks,
> Nancy Maronto
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