RE: How long does CAP or ? require retention of surgical pathology pa tient r...

From:Kelly Brown

We are currently doing our self-inspection and the newest CAP checklist dated Oct. 2001 has new requirements as follows:



Surgical pathology reports and/or materials must be retained for an appropriate period.  The retention period should be extended in order to provide documentation for adequate quality control and medical care.  In establishing retention requirements, care should be taken to comply with state and federal regulations.  There must be a documented policy for protecting and preserving the integrity and retrieval of surgical pathology materials and records.  Suggested retention guidelines for surgical pathology, providing these are not in conflict with state and federal regulations, are:


            1.         accession log records - 2 years

            2.         wet tissue (stock bottle) - 2 weeks after final report

            3.         paraffin blocks - 10 years

            4.         glass slides and reports - 10 years.





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