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From:"Soto, Roxanne"

I took this course of his and it was very thorough.  I took my ASCP within 3
months of completing the course and passed with flying colors.
Roxanne Soto
AP Supervisor 
Milwaukee, WI

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I feel like I have wandered into the middle of a conversation with this.
Don't know
what preceded this comment, but will try to answer from this point on.
The THEORY of Histotechnology could be taught on line. What educators 
call the "didactics."
Floyd Grimm III, in a NAACLS accredited program at Harford Community
College in Bel Air, Maryland has most of his histotechnology lectures on
line. The students download the homework, and email the answers back in.
They follow links to other sites, and read up on procedures from other
institutions. They follow links that Floyd has set up, to look at
photos of equipment, and the end results of stains. I think they could
also take some practice exams via the internet.
HOWEVER, his students still need to come in to the college to do the 
lab portion of the college courses. And they still need to do their clinical

rotations in the area hospital and private labs. 
So they are still getting hands-on in the college labs and the hospital
labs. But they are getting the theory on-line.
Is that what you were asking about?
By the way, Floyd has also made his on-line lectures available to
histotechs who are working at a lab anywhere in the USA, and are 
studying  for their HT or HTL exam, and who would like some help 
with studying/learning the theory portion for the written exam.
Last I knew, there were 6 or 8 modules, for about $150 each. For that
money, you would get a password to the module, which you can then
read and study and follow the links and answer the questions at your
time schedule - every day, once a week, once a month, first thing in
the morning, late at night - whatever works for you. He also links you
up with someone who will answer your questions. At the end of the
module, you take an exam, which you mentor will grade, and you 
will get the results. 
Just for clarification - if you are a histotech working somewhere in
the US, and study Floyd's modules, you are NOT one of his
NAACLS students, since you are NOT attending his college's lab 
classes and going to his clinical affiliates. He is doing this to help 
people who are currently working in a lab and are wanting help to 
study and pass the written part of the ASCP exams.
If you would like more information, contact Floyd at:  
Hope this helps.
Peggy A. Wenk, HTL(ASCP)SLS
William Beaumont Hospital
Royal Oak, MI 48073

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Are you suggesting that microtomy can be taught on-line? I don't think that
the tactile aspect can be learned from a monitor. Maybe a lot of the
"classroom" instruction can be done in this way, but there's a great deal of
hands-on learning that would need to be supplemented at a medical faciltity.


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