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From:Connie McManus

Someone privately asked me how I dispose of my chromic acid.  I felt this
would be better to share with everyone whilst we're on the topic.  

I re- use my chromic acid 2 to 3 times in staining (I figure about 6 slides
worth), then I pour it into the pot with my glass cleaning solution and add
a sufficient amount of H2SO4.  I don't do a lot of GMS or Gridley's --- or
any other special stain for that matter --- so I don't generate a lot of
chromic acid waste.  However, it eventually gets taken away by our
Environmental Health and Safety dept.

Gayle C.  I agree completely with your comments.  However, being the
Curious George that I am, I have to try this.  We don't have Histoplasma
here in Utah, so this isn't such a problem for us, but ... if it were
present and missed, I can only imagine the litigation that would ensue.

gotta run folks

Connie McManus 

At 08:59 AM 1/16/02 -0700, Connie McManus wrote:
>Do you prepare your own reagents in-house, or do you buy themcommercially?
>If commercially, who do you get your kit from?  
>I continue to use the 4% chromic acid in my GMS. I have not heardof using
>Periodic acid as an oxidser for GMS, but I think I'll try it side by side
>the usual sometime to compare the two.  I'm curious to see if there are any
>Connie McManus 
>At 08:41 AM 1/16/02 -0600, Johnson, Teri wrote:
>>        I have no cited literature on this, only a technique provided  by
>>another Histology laboratory that was using it.     Teri Johnson 
>>Manager Histology Core Facility 
>>Stowers Institute for Medical Research 
>>1000 E. 50th St. 
>>  64110 
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>>    and I had never heard    of this. They are going to fax me a copy, but
>>I thought I'd get some feedback    from you guys first.   TIA
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