RE: Food colorings in histology

From:"Nader, Alexander"

> Anthocyanidine. Helv. Chim. Acta 1927;10:5-83.)
> Kappers (Kappers CUA. Zellfärbung von chromierten Material mittels 
> Holunderbeerensaft. Z. Wiss. Mikrosk. 1911;28:416-424) 

> Hoffentlich sind diese alte Zeitschriften noch in Wien erhältlich!

Yes, I hope I can find them in Vienna, maybe Andi Kappeler can help us with
the Swiss journal ;-)

> I hope the fabled Veltliner grape was never so dishonored!

Dear Samurai, 

don't be afraid, Veltliner grapes are used for white wine, so they are never
contaminated with elderberries! 

BTW, for an unknown reason, quite often elderberry shrubs can be found close
to vineyards. Strange coincidence, isn't it?

Alex Nader

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