RE: Eosinophils and Mast cells.

From:Bert Dotson

Never tried the Thionin method, but toluidine blue and methylene blue are 
not very specific or easily screened in my hands. Mast cell granules are 
acid fast. Most AFB techniques will stain mast cells quite vividly and 
staining in non-mast cells is limited to other identifiable substances. So 
much easier to screen.

Bert Dotson

         Starting a small pilot project looking at eosinophil and mast cell 
distribution, so in the first instance I'll restrict myself to conventional 
techniques. Carbol chromotrope (Lendrum 1944) for the eosinophils, simple
and very reliable. Mast cells, well, mmmm, so many choices but probably
Methylene blue (Unna), Toluidine blue or Thionin (Cook 1961).
         So, any suggestions for something better for the mast cells and
what about a technique that will demonstrate both cell types.  Remember
it's only a pilot, so if possible I don't want to buy expensive antibodies
that might only be used a few times.

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