RE: Coverslips/Gaskets for ISH

From:"LaFriniere, Mike"

An easy coverslip during incubation is a 22x22 coverslip over the tissue,
then used basic "rubber cement" to go around the edges. I put the rubber
cement in a 10cc syringe and glob on at least a 1/4 inch around the entire
coverslip. The next morning you just pull off the cement, it comes off very
easily. Slides are protected from drying out, and very inexpensively. 

Michael LaFriniere PA,HT (ASCP)
Memorial Hospital
Chattanooga TN 

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Subject: Coverslips/Gaskets for ISH


I will be starting some in situ hybridization (DNA probe) in
the near future and am looking for some advice on types of
coverslips and/or gaskets to use while incubating with the
probe.  EMS has several different types (Probe-Clip,
CoverWell, Hybriwell, Hybrislip, Perfusion Chambers and
Press-to-seal Silicone Isolators).  Any opinions,
advantages, disadvantages on them would be appreciated.  I
don't know which one to try!

Thanks in advance,
Kim Merriam
Cambridge, MA

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