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RE: Citadel tissue processor - fumes

i have a citadel 2000 as a backup tissue processor. i have used it in emmergency for up to 3 months and it does a very adequate job. now remembr that it has a chintsy vacuum system that is only on the last paraffin so expect processing to be 20-30 % poorer (my estimate)  than a  more expensive processor. idealy it should be used under a hood, and expect much evaporation daily.

if used in a roomyou will have fumes, nothing that you can't live with i think. cap and jahco will consider it a open tissue processor so you must have it some distance( i forget) from all flammibles. kblair irwin army hosp ft riley ks

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Subject: Citadel tissue processor - fumes

Hello Netters,
        I might be buying a Citadel 2000 tissue processor for our research
lab. Do I need any special handling of fumes from this machine? How bad is
it just sitting on a benchtop without any fume-handling arrangements?
        Thanks for your help,

Sarka Lhotak

McMaster University
Hamilton Cancer Centre
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

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