PGA and PLLA processing

From:"Bobst, John"

Does anyone know of any adverse reactions or cautions to take when
processing either PGA or PLLA?

I will be processing sheep spine that have either a PGA or PLLA cervical
plate. They are currently being fixed in 70% EtOH, but I wanted to know of
any other cautions I should take before I process and embed them in Spurr
plastic for undecalcified sectioning.  I use increasing alcohols then
acetone before they go into a half and half mix of Spurr and acetone then
finally, full Spurr.

Thanks in advance.
John A. Bobst
Research Assistant II
University of Iowa Department of Orthopaedics
Bone Healing Research Laboratory
Iowa City, Iowa
(319) 335-4377
Fax: (319) 335-4378

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