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From:"Lott, Robert"

I had heard about the MLT program that had put their "entire program" online
and found this article
in the most recent CLMA newsletter.
To read about how they did it follow the link below.

College Aims to Boost Enrollment with Online MLT Program 
When Program Director Valerie Polansky, MEd., MT(ASCP), was asked to
consider putting her MLT program online, her first reaction was that it
couldn't be done. But when only five students applied for the January 2001
class, the decision was made to go online. "We knew we had to try something
different or the program wasn't going to survive," Polansky says. Find out
how she did it, and how the students and laboratory directors in her
community reacted to this new venture. 
Go to article:  here 

Robert L. Lott, HTL(ASCP)
NSH Representative to NAACLS

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