B5 Survey

From:Holly Romero

Thank you to all that replied to our B5 Survey.  We appreciate all of your feedback.  You should receive your gift certificates shortly. 
------------- We still need some more input.  -----------------
If you are a  histology laboratory that performs over 60,000 H&E's per year, please log on.  The survey will take approximately 6 minutes. You will receive a $10 gift certificate for your participation.
To access the survey, please go to URL  www.feedbackstat.com  Click on "Login".
Username:  Please enter your last name (lowercase) and the last four numbers of your telephone number.  If you have logged on to Feedbackstat.com before, you can enter the username you used in the past which may be your first and last name, all lowercase, no spaces.
Password:  fixative

If you do not have Internet access and would like a survey faxed to you, please call our customer support at 520-971-7648.  If you have any questions, please e-mail me at support@feedbackstat.com or call 520-971-7648.

Thanks Again! 

Holly Romero
Project Manager

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