ssDNA monoclonal antibody

From:Debbie Pepperal <>

Hi Histonetters

Anyone out there trying the M3299 from Chemicon? It is a ssDNA monoclonal
antibody for the detection of apoptotic cells. I gave it a try, did not
work ;(0, ;going for no 2. Thought I would throw it into the histonet
basket and see what comes of it. If someone has got it to work, great...I
need some information.

Second question: Formamide and disposal of it.
I know that it is a cytotoxic chemical, it has to be incinerated at high
temperatures. This method requires formamide heated in a coplin jar(which
is the critical point of the whole exercise). 50ml...not a lot to
many...but too much!Our collection agency need the formamide absorbed,they
donot collect any in the liquid form. Anybody have a good solution for me.
I will try and use less and try incubating the slides in a humidity oven;
??????Will let you know if I get lucky.

Thanks for any information you may have; it is always a treasure of hope.

Zenobia Haffajee
Zenobia Haffajee
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Anatomical Pathology 
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