flotation of bone(tissue) on slides


Hi Histonetters,

I need some advice on decalcification of mouse leg (1cm x1mm).  I let the 
tissue fix in a decalcifier called "Cal-Rite" by Richard Allan Scientific for 
over the weekend.  Cal-Rite is a fixative and decalifier in one. The bone felt 
like rubber.  I then cut the leg into several little pieces(1 mm x 1 mm).  When 
I cut the tissue on the microtome(paraffin-embedded), it was very hard .  So I 
surface decal. for 30 minutes.  I went to go cut, it was fine.  But several 
slides down the line, I had to surface again and again.  My slides came out 
really bad.  The tissue was floating everywhere.  I used gelatin in my water 
bath and superfrost slides(Fisher).  Would it make a difference if I 
use "superfrost +" plus slides?  

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your time,

Dina D. Gaupp, MT
Tulane Medical School
Center for Gene Therapy
email:  dgaupp@tulane.edu

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