fatty tissue

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Re:  fatty tissue

In addition to using CBA formalin in the first two processing stations, we
do the following:
two changes of 70% isopropyl alcohol following the CBA formalin for one hour
each at 35C
and a three hour exposure to a clearant following the 100% isopropyl alcohol
changes with the last clearant change at 45C.  (Our clearant is a xylene

The CBA formalin, the 70%, and the 100% isopropyl alcohols are rotated
twice-a-week.  The
other solutions (95% isopropyl alcohol, clearant, and paraffin) are rotated
These changes have resulted in improved processing of fatty tissue.


We are currently using CBA formalin.  We use it in the 2 formalin stations
on a backup processor.  We have begun to use it for overnight fixation as
well with better results (it doesn't cut any better but the pathologists
think the sections look better).  It is still pretty dependent on the size
of the tissue though.

Tom Mc Nemar, HT(ASCP)
Pathology Supervisor
Licking Memorial Hospital
Newark, Ohio

> Debra Ritter asked:
> "Would like to know if anyone out there uses a type of pre-fixative for
> fatty breast tissue before putting it in formalin on the processor?
> Sometimes our breast tissues even though they have been in formalin all
> week-end on the processor still cut lousy on Monday morn. Any info would
> be appreciated!"

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