breast tissue fixation again

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I am particularly interested in this thread.   Having been tested for Her2
and found positive I find this subject very interesting.    But, to be on
the safe side I am being retested by FISH, as I have been told, is a more
reliable method for testing Her2.    For all you techs out there performing
this test, the prognostic implications of positive Her2,  determines the
course of treatment received by the patient.   Although, I am sure you are
aware of this.......I just thought a gentle reminder might be in order.

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	For those who are using a different fixative than 10% formalin, 
	1.  can you please comment on how your fixative affects Her2neu and
ER/PR staining and 
	2.  specifically regarding Her 2 neu, doesn't the use of a fixative
other than formalin violate the manufacturer's instructions of the FDA
approved test kits ( Dako Hercept and Ventana Pathway) ? I would think that
savy CAP inspectors will look for such things.


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