Re Myogenin CD35 CD21

From:Paul Shore <>

Hi Josefa

We produce an antibody to Myogenin NCL-Myf-4 (MyF-4 is the human
homolgue of myogenin). The reference below describes the use of

Kumar S, Perlman E, Harris C A et al.. Myogenin is a specific marker for
rhabdomyosarcoma: an immunohistochemical studdy in paraffin-embedded
tissues. Mod Pathol. 13(9): 988-993 (2000).

We do not produce a cocktail of CD21/CD35 as do many companies we supply
these individually. You could prepare the cocktail yourself from
individual antibodies.

eg: NCL-CD35  rwd  1/40
     NCL-CD21-2G9 rwd  1/20

To prepare 400 microlitres of working strength cocktail

 NCL-CD35  10 microlitres
 NCL-CD21-2G9 20 microlitres
 Antibody diluent  370 microlitres

Paul Shore
Technical Services
Novocastra Laboratories

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