Re: truly evil internet machinations

From:Connie McManus <>

I visit the archives from time to time and have never had this problem, but
MAYBE  John D had more than one window open.  I've had similar things happen
to me before.  Those little snotty things always come to the top so whatever
page you're working in, you get them.  you either ignore them, or click on
them and then close that window.  grrrr!   I got caught in that same "Free
$150 shopping spree" spam meister the other day.  It just appears and  you
think you can click on the X to close it, but instead, it links you to their
stupid page.  I ended up closing the window and startin all over again with
what I was looking at.  Fortunately, I knew the URL that I got blipped out
of.    Yeah, I hate these evil things, too.

Connie McManus

Marvin Hanna wrote:

> John C. Dennis wrote:
> >I went to the archive site you listed.  Through truly evil internet
> >machinations I became trapped in a "Free $150 Shopping" offer.
> Hi John,
> I run the archives and the histosearch search engine at
> There is currently no advertising anywhere on the
> site. I have never heard of this "Free $150 Shopping" offer.
> The server averages over a hundred visitors a day and this is the first
> I've heard of this problem. Has anyone else had this problem?
> I would appreciate any information you could provide as to the company or
> website that this offer referenced. If someone is sending improper pages
> when someone attempts to access, I would like to talk
> to them...
> Thanks,
> Marvin Hanna
> webmaster at

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