Re: sections from broken slides

From:Amos & Theresa <>

    I think what you want is probably Mount Quick  from Newcomer Supply out
of  Middleton WI. This is a liquid coverslip that you can place on sections
on a slide soaked in xylene, dried overnight in a 60 deg. oven then dipped
in hot (60-80 deg) water. The hardened coverslip will soften and can be
pulled off the slide, it will take the sections with it when it comes off
then the sections can be separated and floated onto another slide using a
regular float bath (+/- 42 deg). Every lab should have some of this stuff
it's great in a pinch!
Amos Brooks

Geoff McAuliffe wrote:

> Dear List:
>     A few months ago there was a thread on a product, some sort of tape
> I think,  for removing sections from broken slides and transfering the
> section to a new slide. I need the name of the product and the vendor,
> please. I could not find it in the archives. Thanks.
> Geoff
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